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Press photos, audio of our single ‘A Curious Mind’, quotes, our rider + stageplan, biographies and our logo.

“A beautiful, wayward view on modern classical music and improvisation. The story of Icarus told in a fascinating program.”

– Violinist Rosanne Philippens

“Music that floats between different styles and atmospheres. Meditation is alternated with derangement and mystery and yet I always get the feeling it will be alright. A journey I can recommend to anyone. Anyone who listens to real music.”

– Tv-presenter Tijl Beckand

“Ikarai’s music is thoughtful and illustrative. Played from the heart with control and conviction.”

– Saxophonist Ben van Gelder

“Meditative and moving, yet extravagant and explosive. Their music evokes its own world. A daring album.”

–  Writer Christine Otten

“The tale of Icarus told through genuine, exciting and well performed music. Centered around tradition, adventure and the mixing of styles. My cup of tea. I belong to the group of Ikarai fans, and I’m certain this group will keep growing on.”

–  Radiopresenter Co de Kloet