A three-dimensional way to experience the magical world of Haruki Murakami.

The ensemble Ikarai teams up with vocalist Sanne Rambags (winner Dutch Edison 2019) and visual artist V&J to reshape Murakami’s story.

Fish that fall out of the sky like rain, talking cats, philosophizing prostitutes, places where time does not exist and thoughts that become truth. Based on texts written by writer Frank Siera, Ikarai grasps the magic of Murakami in a cinematic combination of classical and jazz music.


In MURAKAMI, Ikarai lets the audience enter Murakami’s mind. Improvisation, composition and storytelling fuse together into a new type of concert: a book, set to music.winner 

Visuals and projection will be used only when the setting/location allows.

MURAKAMI will premiere mid-2020.

Listen to the first privately released track:  

The ensemble IKARAI is known for it’s cinematic approach to concerts. On their previous album, MUHAMMAD, they converted the stage into a boxing ring and set the boxer Muhammad Ali’s most legendary fight, The Rumble in the Jungle, to music. 

Take a look.

IKARAI has played MUHAMMAD more than 25 times, playing at the Bimhuis (Amsterdam, NL), TivoliVredenburg, (Utrecht, NL), De Doelen (Rotterdam, NL) and on Dutch national television. The ensemble toured through China and to the UK and has enjoyed broad media coverage in written Dutch media. Ikarai was the 2019 Dutch representative to the 12Points Festival.

On their first album, FLY, they told the story of the Greek myth of Icarus, the boy who flew, in sound. 

Listen here. 

Sanne Rambags is one of the most celebrated contemporary jazz singers in The Netherlands right now. With amazing versatility and improvisational skill she is able to grasp the attention of any audience. Her own trio MUDITA won a Dutch Grammy Award (Edison) in 2019. With another project, Under the Surface, she has toured extensively throughout the world.

Listen here. 

Visit Sanne’s website.

The ensemble is at ease within all musical styles and escapes genre-fication in a pleasant manner.” – NRC Handelsblad, Dutch national newspaper


A Journey I can recommend to anyone who listens to real music.”
– Tijl Beckand, Dutch TV-Presenter