Jeroen Batterink

IkaraivGilst_zw_1Jeroen is one of the most in-demand young drummers in Amsterdam. He started drumming at a young age and graduated Cum Laude from the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2014. His adaptability, timing, subtlety and deep understanding of the music makes him the perfect drummer for Ikarai. His accomplishments include being the drummer for Eran Har Even & Itai Weissman’s quartet ‘Little Known Facts’, winning the Grote Prijs van Nederland with singer Charl Delemarre, touring through South Africa twice with Vuma Ian Levin’s quintet, playing in Angelo Boltini’s band, but also Julian Schneemann’s Octet. He was asked to teach one semester at the True School of Mumbay in 2015 and did two performances on VPRO’s ‘Vrije Geluiden’, a Dutch cultural television show. Currently, he is touring with the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (Dutch Wind Ensemble) through The Netherlands.