Ikarai, consisting of strings, bass, piano and drums, uniquely blends the worlds of classical composition and improvisation into the soundtrack of a tale never told.

On their latest album FLY, Ikarai tells the story of the Greek myth of Icarus in sound. Was Icarus overconfident and naive, or brave and free? FLY tells the story of a boy who took a leap of faith and found ecstasy in freedom.

The ensemble originated from the mutual interests of composer/pianist Julian Schneemann and composer/bassist Camiel Jansen, both from Amsterdam. Surrounded by classical music from an early age, they received a strong basis and understanding of music as art. As with great composers such as Bach and Beethoven, and later Debussy and Stravinsky, all of whom were known to be great improvisers, Ikarai aims to bridge the present gap between composer and performer.

With it’s unique timbre, maneuverability and cinematic atmosphere, the ensemble draws you into a new world of sound. The instantaneous and the contemplative are balanced in Ikarai’s unique story.